The Global Story

We’ve all had some pretty crazy things happen to us in life — things meant to break us and keep us boxed in. Things that wire us as girls and follow us into womanhood. But these are the moments that (can) make us, direct us and even define us. These are the moments from whence our superpowers emerge. And they never, ever disappoint.


Ugly Duckling Diaries is an editorial dedicated to redefining social stereotypes and celebrating individuality and differences. It is intended as a multifaceted representation of our world — to change perceptions towards people, cultures, and the awkward phases of life. We aim to expose the cliché of unjust attitudes that shape daily experiences across the globe and show how these experiences can be leveraged into passions and purpose. Our goal is to strip away the power in words used to hurt and shame us into social or body image anxiety, and help you push pass those bullies in life, even the one from within.


Our features are just like you — improbable heroines. Self-made women from around the globe who’ve fought hard through awkwardness and the uncomfortable to find their place in this world. They don’t allow labels or experiences to box them in. They use them as fuel to take on the world. These women have superpowers, and are redefining the ugly duckling years. And if there’s anything to be learned from these incredible stories, it’s that every woman has the power to redefine herself. Change your script. Prove your ugly duckling years were the segue from your awkward to awesome!


We all have ugly duckling years, no one’s exempt. Let’s talk about it and change the conversation. This is our community and these are our stories — a place to connect and be inspired to be your authentic self. So leave feedback and share your own experiences. We love that! Here you have a voice, and your comments can make a difference and change the script for someone else.  

So, what is your superpower?

Welcome to Ugly Duckling Diaries.